Anyone can become a philanthropist ....and change their world.

Engaged philanthropy provides a powerful platform for a life filled with meaning and a legacy that reflects core values and a commitment to ’give back'. Effective consulting and coaching allows individuals, families and business to connect resources with their passion now…. and for future generations.

Your local/regional l community foundation that embraces the CF Partner philosophy is THE most effective way to facilitate your philanthropy plan. Even if you have more than $10 million, operate a Family Office or created a private foundation, there is no better partner. Local initiatives reflect critical needs and leveraged opportunities for sustainability. 

Philanthropy is global, Grantmaking is local!!!

We recommend that all our clients work with their CF when teaching children and grandchildren about 'best practices' in grantmaking. Donor advised funds are the perfect size for new grant makers and endowment funds provide an exit strategy.

We help our clients create their mission/vision statements, identify their primary areas of interest and implement a plan that will meet their goals and objectives. The 70/30 strategy allows clients to make a significant investment that leads to real change while addressing the desire to support secondary priorities. A five to ten year commitment is critical to the success of this philosophy.

Venture philanthropy is invaluable to many of our clients. This model can be used at any level and simply requires the belief that 'not for profit' is only a tax ID status and NOT a way of doing business.